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Thu. February 22 2018
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  • A World-wide Mobile Radio Open Standard
  • Truly Integrating Digital Speech and Data
  • Providing Bandwidth on Demand for Voice, Data, Imaging
  • In a highly Spectrally Efficient and Secure way
Use of communication with other security authorities

In peace time, end terminals are delivered for selected users
  • in accordance with the readiness requirements
  • for troops training and experience purposes
  • for safety communications in live firing exercises
In time of crisis TETRA will be used for Command and Control of
  • military police activities
  • close area communications in important bases, such as air bases
  • protection of crucial objects
  • defense material deployment
TRX 750 (Tetra Mobile Device)
The Tetra Mobile Device is developed according to the standard specification of tetra. It has many different functions and provides application efficiency.

Frequency range: 806 870 MHz / 370 400 MHz Voice and data communication Application in DMO, TMO.

TM 750 (Tetra Data Only Modem)
TM750 is designed to be applicable in tetra operating range, and it can be applied to remote monitoring for the important facilities.

Tetra Data Service

Item Description Item


Operating Frequency Band 370 400 MHz 806 870 MHz TRX Separation

10 / 45 MHz

Channel Spacing 25kHz
Modulation p/4 DQPSK Multiple Access

4:a TDMA

Transmission Power 30dBm (1W) Communication Method

Half duplex or full duplex

ACPR 50dBc below Sensitivity


Power Supply 7.4 VDC (Nominal) Frequency Stability

Within ±2.5PPM

Technical Compliance Vibration & Shock Operational Temp.

-20 °C ~ +55 °C

Dust & Water Storage Temp -40 °C ~ +85 °C

RX-700 (Receiving and two-way channel)
Without adding additional frequency channel, RX-700 device can be used as real-time voice/data receiving pager or two-way radio among the people who were put into the mission area using tetra. Pager Function
Individual call
Emergency call
Group call
Broadcast call
Status messages
Short data messages
Advance scan function
Usage Stop function, when lost (Optional)

Two-way radio Function (2.4GHz, binary CDMA)
Using group code, communicate only among the people in same group
Any two-way communication within the group
Communicate directly each radio without base station
There is no limit for the number of member for the group
One-touch talk on/off function
Can prevent interference with other group using group code
Adaptive range: within 650 feet

TRA-700 (Tetra wireless signal analyzer)
In the international standard tetra TRS area, TRA-700 tetra analyzer collects information between base station and terminal, then analyzes and stores data for tetra field development, field communication measurement, and many other different applications.

Lower Medium Access Control
Upper Medium Access Control
Logical Link Control
Mobile Management
Mobile Link Entity
Circuit Mode Control Entity
Voice and data storing between base station and terminal
Frequency Monitoring
Analyzing: sender ID information, Talk group ID, Network code, encryption flag
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