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Thu. April 19 2018
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Reliable solutions for GSM-R Network


Communication and control is vital to every enterprise, but none more so than railway operators. The ability to convey information on the go, across network boundaries and international borders and at high speeds, is the key to maximizing operating efficiency.

GSM-Railway: UX800

If you are looking for tomorrow's voice and data communication solutions for today's rail transportation, look no further than AJA Solutions, the global leader in Global System for Mobile Communication for Railways. Railways all over the world are looking to leading-edge digital communications to boost their bottom line. But it takes more than merely telecom savvy to make the most of GSM-R's potential.

Experience teaches that open standards drive down the costs of developing and deploying technology. With our customers' best interests in mind, we are deeply committed to open standards and interoperability to transcend the boundaries of technology, vendors and national frontiers. Now that all GSM-R interfaces have been specified and standardized, operators have access to an open, interoperable and international system that is driving competition and affording rail road operators considerable savings.

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