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Thu. February 22 2018
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UX800S, Radio Mobile Module

CE Approved
Reliable radio communication between ground personnel and in-train staff is a must for railway companies, due to dense traffic and higher speed of trains.

For ground-train radio links, AJA proposes the new generation of Radio Mobile Module, dedicated to on-board and land-based GSM-R communications. Performance flexibility in the UX800 module design allows a wide range of customized applications, to fit all different railway operators ' needs.

AJA has developed a profound understanding of railway mobile technology, achieving a leading position in the GSM-R equipment design : thanks to extreme versatility of UX800 module,
AJA can offer tailored solutions for GSM-R applications, at reduced cost. UX800 comply with EIRENE/MORANE standard features for vehicular radio module, including Advanced Speech Call Items (ASCI) phase 2+.

UX800 is designed to be integrated on board engine CAB radio, allowing communications and data transmission between drivers and ground control systems.

Interoperability between railway and public network operators is always possible, if appropriate agreements have been undersigned. Software updating by data port enables easy integration of future EIRENE/MORANE requirements. UX800 is highly reliable to assure efficiency increase and railway personnel ' s safety, along with GSM-R future evolution.

Main Features
  • GSM Communication Module for Cab Radio
  • Railway Signaling
  • Voice/data - ground to train
  • Information to the passengers
  • Operation and Maintenance information
  • Advanced GSM-R technology
  • All GSM and GSM-R functionalities
  • Compliant with EIRENE requirements
  • High reliability
  • Easy software updatability

  • Voice group call
  • Voice broadcast calls
  • eMLPP
     (enhanced MultiLevel Precedence and Preemption)
  • Functional addressing
  • Shunting mode
  • Multiple driver communication
  • Emergency calls
  • GSM-R UX800
    Supported Services
    GSM Phase 2/2+ CS Bearer Services for data transmission.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Teleservices.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ Supplementary Services.
    GSM Phase 2/2+ ASCI.
    Specifics MORANE/EIRENE.
    All services can be managed by standard AT commands
    GSM Phase SW release 2
    Power Class
    900 grams
    170H X 128W X 50D
    Power Consumption>
    Peak Value Average Value Standby
    +12.5VDC : 2A
    +5VDC : 2A
    +12.5VDC : 2A
    +5VDC : 2A
    +12.5VDC : 1A
    +5VDC : 1A
    +12.5VDC : 0.1A
    +5VDC : 0.3A
    Working Temp.
    -20°C ~ +55°C
    Extreme Temp.
    -20°C ~ +70°C
    -40°C ~ +85°C
    -100 ~ 1800m (RSL)
    Front Side
    25-pin female connector for data and commands
    15-pin male connector for speech and additional applications
    Two TNC antenna connectors
    Visual indicators (6 LEDs) to report equipment status
    Rear Side
    96-pin back panel male connector
    A V24 serial connection with RS232 or RS422 electrical levels
     (settable via HW and SW) is available on the 25-pin and
     96-pin connectors.
    Frequency Band
    UIC E-GSM  
    Uplink (MHz)
    876~880 880~915  
    Downlink (MHz)
    921~925 925~960  

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