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Thu. February 22 2018
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Fingerprint ID Module
History of Fingerprint
  • 1964, Nehemiah Grew founded that no two people can have the same fingerprint patterns
  • 1880, fingerprinting has been used for criminal investigation the world over
  • After 1960, It is possible to computerize and automate fingerprints with line scan system
  • After 2000, Biometrics departments are popularized.

  • Common Types of Fingerprints

    As the marketing company for Safevalley company in North and South America , AJA is eager to provide high quality fingerprint identification algorithms module in this region. This high technology algorithm unit is designed to be a self-contained, stand alone system which can be customized to suit a particular application needed for security, such as access control, equipments control, E-business department. Our solution which customers use will ensure security, prevent fraud, and provide great convenience. This technology in which Safevalley Co. developed, can be customized to any existing systems and can be combined with any current components on the market with our hardware and software.

  • The sweat glands in the skin of your fingertips produce fingerprint patterns which are made up various ridge lines
  • Fingerprints are unique
  • The fingerprint itself does not change

  • Perfect Security
    Our cutting edge fingerprint identification technology provides the highest level of network security available with encryption technology. Our fingerprinting technology will solve the problems of passwords that can be guessed, hacked, found, or stolen. Also, Encryption technology enables you to store fingerprint data or other important information. Advanced our technology combines quality and reliability with processing and accuracy.

    Reduced Costs

    We have our self proprietary technology which is our most versatile unit. Your password-only solution is not only the weak link in your security solution, but expensive to administer. Our technology enables changes to be made to the entire network quickly, easily and reduces high management costs. It provides your organization the highest confidence levels in enterprise security with technical specifications.

    Various Application
    It is developed to provide a complete security integration into the customer's application with our fingerprint identification algorithms and H/W technology. Such as access control, equipments control (PC, ATM, KIOSK, etc.), fingerprint web identification, C/S environment, etc.
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