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Thu. February 22 2018
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Products > Security > Auto-Recovery Circuit Breaker
Auto-Recovery Circuit Breaker
Development Background
Reliable circuit breaker corresponding to new trend of network and information
  • Cut-off occurs by the frequent error operation
  • → Function of system is stopped [service]
    → Critical damages occur

    Energy saving through the technical development
  • Low power consumption and energy required for the equipment

  • Reduced quality of protective equipment by inactive technical development
  • Development of new technology and product quality enhancement

    Development of intelligent automatic reset breaker with automatic ON/OFF functions

  • Develop as a protector of unmanned electrical facilities and cutting-edge equipment
  • Prevention of electrical fire and improvement of productivity through the functional reinforcement of existing breaker
  • Centralized control, using the communication function
  • * Prevent the damage to unmanned electrical and communication facilities when power supply is stopped
    → Effects such as stable power supply, reduction of unmanned facilities management expenses and improvement of service quality

    Integral protecting equipment
  • Integral protecting equipment against the short circuit and over current
  • EOCR (Over current breaker) + ELB (Earth leakage current circuit breaker) + Switch
  • Remote control automatic reset breaker with the communication function (Optional item)

  • Reinforced Stability of Circuit and Equipment

  • Secured the stability of circuit by separating the circuits in the power section and load section (surge protection)
  • Built-in automatic trip protective circuit prevents the error operation at the time of power failure
  • Over Voltage Protection function

  • →Prevent the damage to circuit resulted from the thunder stroke using the suppression diode
  • Reinforce the earth failure and over current sensing functions using the image transformer of high performance

  • →For the existing breaker, performance of its image transformer is reduced, so it is impossible to sense the earth failure and over current
  • Plate contact method is adopted, so its strength is improved and its life is extended

  • Convenient Installation

  • Attaching and detaching method of rail type is used, so it is simplified to use the facilities and installation manpower and time may be saved
  • A/S Expenses are reduced
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